Hi! My name is Dawn Tlumac and I am passionate about creating delicious healthy and nutritious desserts   

Dawn Tlumac

They are incredibly healthy without compromising the pleasure of the sweetness and delicious taste of what your know of in a dessert.  This passion is rooted in a lifetime of health challenges that I have faced.  I suffered from a dairy intolerance as a child, and in my late teens discovered I had a gluten intolerance.  I started my health journey in my early 20’s by researching why I was constantly bloated and had stomach pain.  I suffered from constant sickness including strep, sinus problems, fatigue etc.  My entire teenage years I did not eat because food would literally hurt me and gave me horrible pain.  The only thing that would give me some relief was bread.  I later discovered that these conventional breads and muffins were fueling fire to my intestines and entire body.  After many trips to the doctor and ER, no one could tell me what was wrong with me.  They told me it was all in my head.

I could not accept this, so at age 19 or 20 I started to do my own research and discovered that my symptoms were a direct result of eating dairy, and gluten, which breaks down into sugar and causes all sorts of horrible sickness and pain from the inflammation. (Although I could not tolerate dairy at a very young age) I learned why.  This is when I began my healing journey.  I had to eat very bland food, and I began to eliminate gluten;  I didn’t eat processed foods with the exception of processed baked foods.  I began to eliminate all the major food allergens.  I still had a fear of eating because of the way it made me feel and this resulted in an eating disorder.  I struggled with this for 24 years.  At 28, I decided to study holistic nutrition because I had such a passion about learning about nutrition and sharing it with others.  As I eliminated the major food allergens, I started to become aware of how my body would react.  I noticed a significant change in the way I felt but I was still suffering.

At 30, I discovered I had a malnutrition problem along with many other health issues.  Although I had eliminated gluten, I was still eating lots of gluten free crackers because it was the only way I would get relief.   My naturopathic Doctor told me although it was gluten free, the carbs still break down to sugar and this is why I was still feeling horrible.  I was still suffering from sinus and stomach problems as well as a microbial infection.  Although I studied holistic nutrition and had knowledge of how and what to eat, I constantly had pain in my stomach and still felt tired.  Because of the root issues that caused fear, I did not each much but loaded up on crackers.  My doctors put me on a strict diet of vegetable red bean soup, salad, no sugar at all including fruit. ( my diet lifestyle already eliminated gluten, sugars, soy, and corn).  The extreme person that I was, took this to another level and continued eating this way well after I was supposed to.  I continued to suffer from malnutrition along with other things.  My doctors were very worried and told me that it was imperative that I eat,  so I tried my best but I could not be consistent with it due to the eating disorder and body dysmorphia that I suffered from.  I suffered from panic attacks at a very young age because of low blood sugar that I learned of later.

I became incredibly weak to the point of not being able to get out of bed.  I reached out to my doctors for help but they said there was nothing they could do for me unless I would eat properly.  At this moment I felt the conviction of God and I knew He was trying to get my attention.  After many times of telling the Lord that I would eat, this time I said “yes Lord I hear you, please forgive me.  I need your help because I can’t do this.  Please help me do what I need to do because I don’t want to die”.   As I was obedient, God was faithful.  I made the transition from vegan to raw vegan, to eating vegan plus eggs and fish and grain free.   It was a very long and exhausting journey, but God poured out His grace upon me.   This year, God healed me and set me free from the fear of eating, eating disorders and the extreme lifestyle of eating raw vegan with no oil, protein or carbs, including healthy sugars that are in complex carbs).  I was also diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2014, and in May 2018 my blood report shows that I no longer have Lyme disease.  God healed me of Lyme disease as well!

The outcome of all these struggles I have wrestled with in my health and in my body has now birthed Delightful Bites!!  My passion to create a delicious, sweet dessert or treat without compromising your health.  All of my ingredients are pure, clean, allergy free and loaded with vitamins, nutrients and health benefits.  These desserts do not leave you feeling full and they do not give you a sugar high.  I am so very excited to share my vision and passion of creating healthy treats and desserts that are good for you!  This is the way God has intended us to eat and He has given us all the ingredients we need.  May God Bless you and I truly hope you enjoy my Delightful Bites!!  I pray that my story brings hope to anyone struggling with eating disorders and health issues.  I would be delighted to pray for anyone who is struggling in any of these areas.  My passion is to give you knowledge of how to take care of your body, along with provided healthy treats.